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All City Environmental Cleans Catch Basins & Prevents Flooding

Purpose Of Catch Basins
A catch basin, which is also known as a storm drain inlet or curb inlet, is an opening to the storm drain system that
typically includes a grate or curb inlet at street level where storm water enters the catch basin and a sump captures
sediment, debris & associated pollutants.

Catch basins are able to prevent trash and other floatable materials from entering the drainage system by capturing
such debris by way of a hooded outlet. The outlet pipes for catch basins on combined sewers (sanitary waste & storm water in a single pipe) are also outfitted with a flapper (trap) device to prevent the backflow of any unpleasant odors
from pipes. Catch basins act as pretreatment for other treatment practices by allowing larger sediments to settle in
the basin sump areas.

It's important to maintain catch basins to prevent storm sewer blockages and minimize the amount of pollutants
entering storm sewers which may eventually discharge into local streams and waterways. Clogged catch basins can
result in the ponding of water along streets & parking lots causing a nuisance to motorists, pedestrians & businesses.

A.C.E. keeps catch basins clean.  Set-up routine cleaning today & avoid headaches & costly repairs tomorrow.
Typical maintenance of a catch basin includes the removal of trash and sediments collected in the sump using a
catch basin cleaner with a clamshell bucket or a vactor truck. Additional maintenance activities are performed
whenever necessary including repairs to the catch basin’s brickwork, frames, covers & hoods/traps. We have a
computerized work order track cleaning database that tracks maintenance activities performed on all serviced
catch basins.  Information is collected in our work system including date of cleaning or repairs made, amount
of sediment removed, and recap of the overall situation.  We utilize this data to optimize future maintenance &
repair efforts.  This program reduces street flooding, minimizes nuisance odors & prevents dangerous pollution.

We Service Catch Basins For Commercial Businesses, Restaurants, Retailers & Municipalities Across Chicagoland
Retail businesses are responsible for maintaining catch basins located on their property. Catch basins that
have been affected by spills & polluted runoffs or are clogged from accumulated sediment, trash or debris can
cause water to collect in parking lots & block sewer systems. It is essential to maintain catch basins to prevent
sewer blockages, prevent parking lot flooding & reduce the amount of pollutants entering storm sewers, which
discharges directly into our waterways. 
All City Environmental can easily clean the most difficult to reach
catch basins. We routinely perform maintenance of catch basins by removing obstructing materials such as
leaves & litter & entire storm drainage systems. We provide emergency services to handle pump station or
sewer line failures. All sediments & waste are properly and safely disposed of at our own permitted facility.